Hey there OUGDA!

Unfortunately, three of our officers will be graduating at the end of this semester! This means that we must hold elections. We will be meeting on Friday at 6pm in the GRIDLab so that people can nominate candidates for the officers for next school year. All positions are open to change so officers now must nominate themselves in order to hold their position. President, Vice President, Treasurer, Web Master, and Secretary must be determined. 

Our meeting on Friday will give the chance to anyone who wants to nominate someone else, or themselves to give a short speech about why they think they should take an Officer position for OUGDA. If you are interested in holding an Officer position, please come to the meeting prepared to give a brief speech about why you are the right person! After all the candidates have gotten a chance to speak, we will create a ballot on the website for everyone to vote. If you believe that OUGDA is an valuable organization and want to help it grow and progress, please attend this meeting and vote because you will help in deciding the future of this organization.

Once all the nominees have given their speeches, WE CAN PLAY GAMES!!!!
Good luck with the Expo!

- Nathan

(Added retroactively since the graduating Webmaster was out of town for an interview ;3 She hopes they had a great time!)
Hey there OUGDA!

We're all back from GDC and it, was, awesome!! If any of you have the chance to go next year make sure you do because it is an amazing experience. 

We will be meeting this Friday at 6pm in the GRIDLab for our weekly meeting.  It is Mom's weekend this weekend and the Student Expo is coming up quickly so this weeks meeting will be fairly short. Instead of working on our Sandcastle game we want everyone to continue working on their own projects for the Expo. You can show off what you have, get critiques, and even do some playtesting before you show off your game next Thursday. The more people you have look at your game, the better it will turn out so please take advantage of this time to give your game exposure. 

See you tomorrow!
Meeting this Friday at 6 as usual! We'll be discussing new plans for the Sandcastle RTS. GDC will soon be upon us so if you'd like to discuss more about it come to the meeting 20 minutes early. You can ask people who have been there before some questions which can be very helpful (:

 Hey everyone! Just a head's up that this Friday's meeting will be at 5pm because we will be skyping OUGDA's founder, Ben Holschuh! He is currently working as a production assistant at 2k Games where everyone is currently working hard to get the new Bioshock on shelves.

So please start thinking of any questions about GDC or real-world game development that you may have for him. He can provide good insight as to what it's actually like in the industry.

See you Friday at 5!

This Friday we will discuss the 48 hour shootout, continue work on the Sandcastle RTS, and have a little résumé/business card workshop, so please bring yours in! Have a great rest of the week!

"Because we're about to dive into finals week, this friday's meeting will be an amalgamation of things! Lets call it a free day.

Feel free to come at the regular time! Play games with friends and blow off some steam, or get advice from your seniors on anything you may be working on. Remember it's your last chance before winter break! Consider making the most of it!

Work hard Spartans!"


Check out Double Fine's live feed of their 2-week game jam (Amnesia Fortnight)!
This Friday we will have two options! 

1) play games! We'll have some, bring console and PC games you like! Have fun!

2) Help us finish Buddy's Bumper Bonanza. We will also be meeting Saturday at 11:00 a.m. to super polish it in a mini game jam. It won't take all day. Come if you can, we'd appreciate any help!
[Adding this in retrospect] Last week we took it down a notch in light of many members and officers having a busy first week of November. We met at the GRID Lab at our usual time and simply played games together.

Much fun was had with Halo 3, Gears of War in 3D, Need for Speed, Trine, and Left for Dead 2. Until next week!
This week we know it's Halloween, and some of you may have plans you want to get to. So this meeting is going to be simple, quick, and fun. 

First, we'll have an opportunity for people in Game Dev to pitch their ideas to us for practice.
After that, we'll split up into coders and artists and have mini competitions (with candy prizes!)

Come in your costumes!